Content writing

Things you might like to read on content and writing.

Over-qualified or scared?

Responding to the tiresome response of "you're over-qualified" when applying for jobs

Font design must serve the reader

Every few months, I get a newsletter from a charity that does good work...

What are you looking for?

I’m owning up to being curmudgeonly about job ad jargon.

Fruitcake vs. shortbread

I was asked to review a rather densely written document with multiple contributors.

I am an editorial crash test dummy

The link between what you say and what your audience reads is critical. Do you have an editorial crash test dummy?

Bring back accuracy

Misinformation is everywhere. Web guru Gerry McGovern argues for more accuracy

Great movie quotes

Let’s look at your website content in a slightly different way, because I must say the regular approach doesn’t seem to be working.

Web content must be managed properly

It still takes quality people to write quality content. Half-day training doesn’t cut it—never did.

A good website deserves great content

Forget dissonance, disruption or strategies. There are three simple words that should drive your website content – We. You. Us. With all the feeds, channels and platforms, how will you stand out? We. You. Us. + tight, well-written content to help your visitors with their transaction, whether it’s business, information or pleasure.